Blogging By Mail: Lots of goodies

Last tuesday, around noon: Me putting on make-up, to specify it: me putting on mascara, the doorbell rang, I almost stabbed my eye with the mascara. Who the hell is ringing now? Oh, the nice man postman :-) Was I expecting something? Oh, from the states. Oh???? Oh!!!! Great my „Blogging By Mail„-package :-))))

From the lovely Paula from „Coffeetime at home„. Thank you so much! A lot of very useful goodies for a household of students/former students :-)

On this picture are some lovely towels with the matching oven cloths :) Great! I just have some selfmade oven cloths from my 4th grade in school which was 16 years ago :) Those four little things on left I´m still thinking of what they are, sorry. They are lovely and really beautiful but I still don´t know what to use them for. Paula can you help me?

Here ist the rest of my care-package: in front a silicone brush which is really useful :) The bright white thing is a pan scraper from which I didn´t know that somebody invented such a thing. Good thing :) The orange thing in the back with a cat-face on it is also a pot-holder. Great for baking trays, I was using it already yesterday for my cinnamon buns (more about them tomorrow). I think those little colourful silicone-cups can be used for a lot of things. Making little desserts (which is something I really wanna learn) or for boiled eggs in the morning or for some dips to accompany some snacks.

The last thing I found is the lovely filled Lindt chocolate, it tastes like lemon tarte. It may be coincedence or not but it tastes very similar to the Sicilian lemon tarte I made some weeks ago.

Paula thank you so much for your lovely package. All those things are really useful for me! And Stephanie from „Dispensing Happiness“ for making it all possible and having the whole work :)

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3 Kommentare zu “Blogging By Mail: Lots of goodies

  1. Paula in NH 1. November 2008 um 13:15 Reply

    The four little items are coasters for putting your coffee cup or drink glasses on. I’m glad you like your package.


  2. Anikó 1. November 2008 um 19:15 Reply

    Thank you Paula, I was thinking of something like this but wasn´t sure :)


  3. Morven 5. November 2008 um 07:03 Reply

    Great package. I have a little lime green frog like your cat mitt. Very useful.


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